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One of the most important and key intermediate products of the crude oil refining industry is the Naphtha Cutting. This product is used as feed in petroleum refining units such as steam crackers, catalytic conversion and isomerization. Naphtha types are manufactured and supplied in refinery processes.

Naphtha consists of hydrocarbons having 1 to 2 carbon atoms, with boiling point ranging from 2 to 2 ° C. That is, if we heat the crude oil from 2 ° C to 2 ° C and remove the boiling part, naphtha will be obtained. It usually boils about 2 to 5 percent of the crude oil at this temperature, so the same amount of crude oil can be directly converted to naphtha. But naphtha in the market usually comes in two types of light naphtha (2 and 2 carbon hydrocarbons) and heavy naphtha (2 to 4 carbon hydrocarbons).

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