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Iran Marine Database

Offshore Industries Co. (SAF) was established in the following year and works in the following fields: Performing all construction and installation contracting works for offshore fixed and mobile installations, offshore repair and rebuilding. Sea, installing marine pipelines, installing maritime transmission lines, diving, building and repairing all kinds of ships and marine vessels and rescue vessels, damaged installations, clearing damaged marine facilities, drilling operations, shipping services Transportation of raw materials, structures and installations related to installation and construction activities, construction of harbors and stables Offshore and offshore terminals, construction and installation of port equipment, construction of refineries and industrial installations on islands and coasts, marine mapping, underwater deepwater inspection and inspection of offshore installations and pipelines, and all design and engineering related activities Establishment of the company and establishment of the plant and establishment of the necessary facilities and equipment and its operation for the above purposes.

Website: www.imarine.ir

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