Soroush oil refinery at a glance

Soroush refinery plant is located in Qeshm Island with production capacity of 1,500,000 metric tons per year with excellent geographic location for production and export products.

Qeshm Island is located near to Strait of Hormuz where is the main transit direction of oil from Iran and other countries in Persian Gulf.

Company background

  • Refinery land is about 15 hectares in Kaveh industrial; estate, very close to a port capable of mooring ships up to 100,000 tons (D.W.T) and quick access to the main roads.
  • Ready utility for use i.e. electricity, water and natural gas
  • Technology is obtained from PORNER Austria, Bitumax designed, installed and
  • established more than 30 similar refineries around the World. The established refinery can manufacture and breakdown fuel, bitumen and light products.
  • All basic design for phase one of project has been completed by PORNER Company. Other detail design activities are undertaken by local Iranian engineering Consultant Companies.
  • Refinery feedstock from heavy oil of Soroush and Norouz oil fields with low distance
  • from Qeshm Island. Crude of Soroush and Norouz oil field is tested by PORNER lab and production capacity of refinery is identified as following table.
  • Product Percentage from total Total Capacity Naphta 6.5% 97,500 Gas Oil 1.5% 18.5% 277,500 Gas Oil 0.5% 13% 195,000 Bitumen (Mazutor fuel oil 60% 900,000 as replacement product)Additional gasses for utility 2% 30,000 fuel use Total 1,500,000

The board of directors

Managing Director :  Foad Salehi

Member of the board :

  1. Hossein Ajdari
  2. Amir Mohsen Khouban Shargh
  3. Seyyed Naser Sadriyan
  4. Foad Salehi
  5. Seyyed Mohammad Amir Seyediyan