Project Opportunities

The government offers a 5% discount on OSD (official selling price) on oil to support investors. This has a significant impact on production costs and as a result of price gains against competitors.

Certificates and licenses

  • Refinery construction permit from the Ministry of Oil
  • Contract for supply of raw materials from the Ministry of Petroleum
  • PORNER technology

Company background

The refinery land is about 15 hectares in Kaveh industry; this property is very close to a port of 100,000 tons (DWT) per day and has quick access to the main road that this unit operates.


Bitumen 80/100

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Bitumen 60-70

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NIOC International Affairs Official Web Site

NIOC-International Affairs, as one of the important directorates under the supervision of the state owned National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

Iran Marine Database

Offshore Industries Co. (SAF) was established in the following year and works in the following fields: Performing all construction and

Behin Tarh Paidar Co

Behin Tarh Paidar Co. has established with the goal of consulting, Design and Engineering, Fabrication and procurement of industrial goods